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I’m With You! It was hot and I love the kind and strong John. And it’s still wip, darling….

I’m With You is one that totally surprised me when it popped into my head (Avril Lavigne’s song is the culprit, mostly), but I’ve been so squeefully pleased at the response (like yours) to something I really didn’t think was going to go over well at first.  YES!  OMG!  My WsIP (WIPs)!  I wish I could finish them all RIGHT THE HELL NOW!  But, I DO plan to finish.  If RL won’t kick up too much fuss and the Muse doesn’t desert me, I’ll finish the current project soon (Mystrade fic started for the AO3 Auction last year) and start back in on the WsIP again!  Wish me luck, send lots of Muse Treats, and know how grateful I am for everyone’s patience!

Also? Thank you for letting me know which fic’s your fav!  XD

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The Threesome Parallel - fluffy Sherlock/John/Mary for the win!

The Threesome Parallel series.  Oh, the smile on my face!  Y’know how some people have comfort food?  This series is like my comfort fic-verse, which means I will prolly write more little fics in that ‘verse in future.

Thanks oodles for letting me know what you liked of the fics!

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the thing with the hips

That Thing… With The Hips. Y’know what’s funny, is seeing that hip wiggle elsewhere - BC in another role - and I always think of Sherlock.  I’m tickled you liked that one!

Thanks oodles!  ;D

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Nostalgia. I love the description of John’s old army photos…and then hijinks ensue ;)

Yes, Nostalgia, I enjoyed writing that. (And who doesn’t enjoy some hijinks, eh?)  Also, I was so amazed and delighted at the art Livia-Carica did, too! 

Thanks, m’friend!

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Fucking Cake!!!!

OMG!  Of course you’d pick that one!  Heee!  I can’t tell you how awesomely fun it was to write Fucking Cake in bits with you and the other Fitches cheering me on!  Let alone how we got to the point where I had to write it.  One of my bestest memories, bebe.  Thank you!  <3

People, c&#8217;mon, source (and tag!) your images! 
I researched these and I believe this is where the awesomeness came from: A Large Evil Corporation


People, c’mon, source (and tag!) your images! 

I researched these and I believe this is where the awesomeness came from: A Large Evil Corporation


Random Smaugbo: Bilbo discovers Smaug’s dildo collection amongst the treasure.


Lone Cat and Samurai


random-nexus said: OMG WHAT? OH, I MUST SEE THIS THING! Ahem… Nekozamurai? Srsly? Is that what it’s called? 0_0

Yep! Nekozamurai is the title of this Japanese period drama and basically, our wandering impoverished samurai dude is ordered to kill the kitty cat, on the grounds of kitty being some sort of demon or whatever (bakaneko).  But our Samurai Dude does not kill the adorable Kitty Cat and Kitty Cat becomes his companion, apparently.

DAMN IT, I’m going to have to write a Winter Soldier version of this, aren’t I?

"Soldier, your orders are to kill this kitten."


"Soldier! Orders must be obeyed!"



Eventually, the answer to that will be a “HOW ABOUT FUCK YOU NO” and WS goes on a rampage, kills his handlers and rescues itty bitty blonde kitty. 

In the meantime, SHIELD is frantically trying to look for one missing Captain America, who was apparently abducted by HYDRA wizards and hexed….

YESSSSSSS!!!!! *squeeful flailing and giggling*


Fictional Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)


Sherlock and his nape curl ♥ s3


J.M. Frey on Sided Notes Published on 24 May 2014

Sided Notes with host Reginald Argue talking with J.M.Frey at the 2014 Toronto Web Festival.

J.M. Frey is an actor, SF/F author, and pop culture scholar. She’s appeared in podcasts, documentaries, and on television to discuss all things geeky through the lens of academia, and works as a consultant on fandom for filmmakers, advertisers, and academics. Her debut novel Triptych was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards, the CBC Bookie Award and was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2011.


if you have ever complained about red pants monday, this is for you~~
happy red pants monday


if you have ever complained about red pants monday, this is for you~~

happy red pants monday

Fanmail: August 15, 2014

Creatures Of The Night Don’t Wear Paisley because it has an intriguing take on Vampires and Demons while keeping Bertie and Jeeves incredibly in character.

And Fucking Cake because Crack Fic just shouldn’t be that hot, but it is.

PS: Oh shoot! 
{ I forgot to add that to my list of favorite fics. 10 min before a waaaaay too late bed time is not when I should send things. ;) }
*grinning*  I do this kinda thing late at night, too; you’re not alone, m’friend.  Thank you for sharing your favs of my ficcery and for the birthday wishes!  XD
Creatures of the Night Don’t Wear Paisley is one I DEFINITELY have to finish, because I, too, enjoy the whole premise so much, and I already know what’s going to happen - it’s just a matter of getting with the Muse and actually putting it into words.  Oy, but that’s the case for all the WsIP, really. 
OMG, the cake fic.  Fucking Cake.  Y’know I wouldn’t ever have posted that if not for the lovely wenches in my writing group. *blows kisses to all the Fitches*  They cheered me on in writing it and pushed me to post when it was done.  I was sure no one would like it, and even more certain most would just mock it.  Wow, am I happy to’ve been so wrong!