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This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.

Rumi (via ellensaurus)

I cannot tell you how strongly this resonated with me. - (via Random_Nexus)



Jeremy Renner is a former makeup artist, Chris Pratt can do your hair, Mark Ruffalo is recommending movies with great female characters in them to young actresses …

Can I go to an MCU meet-up? Because I’m starting to bet it’s like going to a spa staffed by exceptionally hot men.



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Good luck!

Thankee, bebe!  No call today, we’ll see if there’s a ringy tomorrow. 


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haikus are the category romance of poetry. haikus are the sitcoms of televisions Your haiku was so lovely I immediately put it in the keeper file. :)(Not even kidding. I’m incredibly impressed.

Srsly?  You are the sweetest!  *blushy happy face

That is an interesting take on haiku!  It kinda fits - ‘the sitcoms’  Heh. I like that.

Thanks, m’friend, for giving me a huge smile.  <3

My Adventure (a haiku)
Be my adventure.
Friend, partner, comrade, co-star.
Sunset – you, me, horse.
Random_Nexus - 07/2014
(Such limitations in a haiku! I might’ve sprained something.)



I hate when people ask questions during movies like do you not understand that the movie purposly doesn’t tell you things in order to build suspense


YES, OMFG THIS!  I have a friend who CONSTANTLY does this!  I have, actually, finally said “I’m seeing exactly the same thing you’ve been seeing, why would I know anything more than you do?”  *flaily hands of frustration*

Secondary to this (because you can’t do this in the theatre, obviously) - when we’re watching a DVD and problem person asks “What did they say?  What just happened to the thing?” etc, etc.  So we miss more stuff during the question and the answer.  Can we just pause the f’ing DVD, THEN ASK!  Or ask for whoever’s got the controls to pause it, THEN ASK!  How is this a difficult thing?


whenever i’m sad i like to imagine what possible crime Steve Irwin’s ancestor committed to warrant him being sent to Australia like some Victorian gentleman escorting a lady to the zoo past the crocodile enclosure and going “do you see that great wyrm sunning itself there? quite a striking creature, is it not? I do believe I shall engage it in fisticuffs.” 

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Wait? Unleashed? I freaking love that movie! I thought Jet Li was great it in!

Yes!  Yes! (I typed unbound, though I linked to the proper film, wtf self?)  Me, too!  ME, TOO! 

And it could work, I think, either way - SH or JW being jet Li’s character or some blending of the two.  I spotted the DVD on the shelf (was considering watching it), and the crossover idea just popped into my head.  Of course, I had to share!

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Good morning! Hope you had a lovely sleeps, and fingers crossed for the call!

Awww, thankee, m’dearie!  *hugs* 

Potential Prompt

Had this thought out of the blue today:

Unleashed' / 'Sherlock Holmes (BBC or any of the iterations, really)' Crossover AU

Has this been done?  Should it be?  Whatchoofink?

Nernight, Tumblrpeeps…

I’ve been out & about in the heat, done assorted necessary thingummies, beta’d, ficced, RP’d, and may get a call tomorrow for an interview (hopehopehopehope).  I’m a vurra vurra wearied Random, m’ficcers, and it’s time for the snoozings.

Nernight, Tumblrpeeps…ZZzzzzzz….


Sherlock stares into John’s eyes, willing him to remember. Any information might be important for the case, any detail the difference between apprehending the murderers and them getting away. He sees John’s eyes widen and knows he’s thought of something. John’s exclamation only confirms it. Then John’s grip suddenly turns bruisingly hard, and Sherlock’s mind short-circuits again as he sees his friend in obvious pain. For a few disconcerting seconds, he does not know what to do, the need to know, the case and his concern for John warring for dominance, until Dr Mvula takes charge again.

"Yes", he nods, still not letting go of John’s hand, but turning to look at the Doctor. "Yes. I’ll… I’d better go."


Although the pain is incredibly sharp for such a little cause as a deep breath, John’s been through this before. He forces himself to breathe slowly when the pain makes him want to pant; he knows surrendering to that urge will only hurt more, leading to a cycle of increasing pain. Almost before he’s finished the second controlled breath, Dr. Mvula is moving in to check his vitals with a worried frown, and Sherlock is… he’s not arguing? He’s actually agreeing with John’s doctor!

Sherlock’s words are uncertain, but, though he talks to Dr. Mvula about going, he’s not pulling his hand free of John’s. Instinctively, John tightens his grip on his friend’s hand again—not to the degree he had moments ago when that stab of pain hit him, though—but looks up at Dr. Mvula, who’s bending over him on the other side of the bed with blatant intent to tend to whatever’s hurting him.

“I’m okay,” John manages, though his voice is more breathy and uneven than he’d like. “Just a reaction to that sudden inhale.” He tries for a wry smirk, possibly not his best job of it. “Ought to’ve known better after the last time.”

Dr. Mvula’s already glanced at the readout of his pulse and heart rate, put one gentle hand to the edge of the bandaging spanning much of the left side of his upper chest and left shoulder. “Dr. Watson, you know how critical rest is right now.”

“I do know,” he agrees, speaking quietly, but sincerely. Taking a moment to glance up at Sherlock, John wills him to stay and hopes it shows in his face before he turns his focus back on his doctor. “But this isn’t something frivolous, Doctor. We’re dealing with a serial killer—killers, actually—and Sherlock may need this information to catch them and stop more people being butchered.”

Her brows furrow, a short exhale telling of her mildly-frustrated indecision, and with another glance at his vitals—already back in normal range now that he’s forcing himself to breathe more carefully—she shakes her head slightly. “What is it with you blue-eyed devils?” she murmurs, and then gives him and Sherlock a stern look with an extended index finger. “You have fifteen minutes. Then I’m coming back in here and booting Mr. Holmes out until we get all the tests back and you’re either tucked in for the night here or discharged to be tucked into your own bed at home. I will personally stay to make sure you don’t sweet-talk someone else into something even more ill-advised.”

John is smiling before she’s done, her warning finger-shaking not fazing him one wit, and he nods, giving her a soft, “Yes, ma’am,” that’s quite sincere. She’s being far more accommodating than she has to, or than most other doctors in her position would be. His gaze turns to Sherlock even as Dr. Mvula is giving the man an expectant expression with her eyebrows quirked, one a little higher than the other, as if daring him to argue.



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Good luck finding as much air conditioning as possible tomorrow!

Thank you!  It worked out okay and the trip to the dr’s went well.

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Argh… Aircon in the car? *hopes*

Yus, thank all the forgotten ghods! 

Also: the clinic visit went smoothly and though it was hot in between, the A/C in the car kept us from dying.  *sigh of relief*



Sometimes I just want so badly for Mrs. Turner’s ‘married ones’ to have a cameo in the last few minutes of the last episode of BBC Sherlock and to be played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost!

Oh dear god this needs to happen. There is no good reason for this not to happen. Come on now. It’s perfect.

And you KNOW they&#8217;d do it, too.  *giggling*  Yessssss!!!!



Sometimes I just want so badly for Mrs. Turner’s ‘married ones’ to have a cameo in the last few minutes of the last episode of BBC Sherlock and to be played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost!

Oh dear god this needs to happen. There is no good reason for this not to happen. Come on now. It’s perfect.

And you KNOW they’d do it, too.  *giggling*  Yessssss!!!!