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AN: Due to some very wonderful ladies having very poor weeks, I thought a smutty interlude might be a good idea. I hope y’all enjoy it!


Sherlock swallowed hard as he was pushed into the vehicle. John was handling him as if he were just another piece of equipment, trousers and pants around his ankles, arms behind his head, Sherlock’s cock quickly slicked up as John’s own lower garments fell to the garage floor.

"Aren’t you such an eager boy." John said with a chuckle, leaning in to give Sherlock a quick kiss. All too soon his lips were gone, but before Sherlock had a chance to protest, John was climbing onto his lap. 

Sherlock hadn’t expected there to be enough room for them both on the seat, but it seemed that there was plenty now. Plenty, his mind amended as John moved to sink down on his cock, if they were very, very close. He groaned at the feel of the tight heat enveloping him, hands clasped together behind the seat in an effort not to touch. John had put Sherlock’s hands behind him for a reason, and he didn’t dare move them before the mechanic gave him leave to.

"So eager and so good for me." John whispered the words into Sherlock’s ear, groaning as he rocked himself on Sherlock’s hard cock, teasing him with hints of friction. "Such a hard cock you have. I know you’ve been watching me as I work on Mary. I bet you’ve imagined fucking me over the hood dozens of times." John tisked, pausing the stream of words to give Sherlock’s neck a firm bite as he rocked hard on his cock.

"I hate to break it to you, though. That’s not going to happen. Because I like you far too much like this. Hard, aching beneath me. And everything is under my control. I control how fast you fuck me. You can’t move enough to change it if you tried." John groaned into the dark curls as he began to move with more purpose. "You love it, too, how helpless you are right now. Your cock got harder when I said that, I could feel it. It’s delicious."

Sherlock moaned, his eyes squeezed shut as he fought against the ties on his wrists. He wanted more, he wanted to touch, to pull John closer„ if only to have those chapped lips against his own again. “Please, John, please.”

"What is it you want, love?" John whispered the words as he dragged his lips across Sherlock’s cheek.

"K-kiss me, please." Sherlock begged, his breath caught in his throat.

John’s lips were soft at first, teasing Sherlock until the younger man gave a choked sob. Then, the kiss changed, a heated clash of lips and teeth, John’s hands tugging at Sherlock’s hair. It brought him to the brink, the heat of the kiss while John continued to rock on his cock.

"Sherlock. Come now." The order was unexpected, but Sherlock found himself unable to resist. With a shout of John’s name he was coming.

- - -

Sherlock woke up panting, his voice hoarse and his pants a mess. Just a dream, he told himself, trying to ignore the sense of disappointment in the back of his mind. Instead, he focused on the blessings that were the bathroom that connected straight to his room and the excellent soundproofing John had in his house. Soundproofing, and a lack of recording devices, the two things that kept Sherlock here instead of going to the safehouse Mike had offered him. So long as John didn’t discover his dreams, there would be no problem living and working with the man.


Oh, my, but you ARE good to us, m’dearie!  Lovely smuttery to improve our crappy weeks.  Thank you!  <3


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You wrote porn featuring your stuffed animals when you were a kid???? Wow, no wonder you're so good at it now. You've been writing smut forever! :3

I actually did, yes!  I was… ehhh… twelvish?  I’d had the nebulous beginnings of pretending some of my toys liked others more than the rest when I was very young, and it just sprouted.  You should’ve seen/heard some of the scenarios me and one or two of my few girl friends cooked up when playing with dolls!  Soap operas had nothing on us for all the wild goings-on.  I found one of my stories some years back and some art I’d done to go with it.  Wow, embarrassing.  Heh.

Also, you are such a kind and complimentary anon!  Thank you!  I’m glad you like the smuttery.  ;D

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*sing-song* You wrote me pooo~ooorn! You wrote me pooo~ooorn! You wrote me Giles porn! YOOOOOUUUUUUU WROOOOOOOOOTE MEEEEEEEEE POOOOOOOOOOOOORN!!!!! *deep breath* thank you, thank you very much

Hee hee!  I diiiiiiiiiid!  And, in the process, you’ve helped me pop the cork on the smut blockage, m’dearie!  I was hoping you’d like it!  \o/ Woohoo!

dauphkantus answered to your post “My Smut Module Seems To Be Broken”

Hold onto it, pornmode will come back around eventually. In the meantime, here are some hugs and cookies *HUGS AND COOKIES!!! WOO!!!* <3

Yus.  Seems to be the case.  But I’ll not dump the porn battle fic, agreed. 

Oooh, hugs and cookies!  Yaaay!   *hugsback and then noms cookies*  Thanks, you.  Also, long time no see. ;D

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I agree with the other two - let it simmer. Do some mental self-UST. You’re hurting now but that won’t be forever.

Thank you sooo much for the kind words, and the suggestion.  I think my simmer was a short one, but it took just the right silly catalyst for it to boil over.  So, I’m hoping I can ease back into my previous smut skillz, but at least I’ve made a start.  :D



I hate it when you’re reading smut and you can’t figure out what position they’re in.

sometimes it just ends up being something like


Best. GIF. Evarrrr!  (And perfect usage!)

Also?  YES!  I have to sometimes reread three times to figure out who’s on/in/under whom.  Very weird.

Oh wise one, why is there not more Molly Hooper tentacle porn?



tsuki-chibi sent this:

Sherlock’s eyes fluttered as John pressed closer. His hips bucked helplessly and John chuckled, the vibrations causing Sherlock to shudder.

“What’s wrong?” John whispered against his spine. ” I thought you liked conducting experiments.”

“There are no -” His mind went completely blank at the return of that hot tongue.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“John,” Sherlock moaned, intentionally dragging the word out until the vowels tumbled and spilled around him, a filthy mess to compliment the searing heat melting him slowly.

John hissed and pressed his face between with renewed vigor, deliberately sucking just to make Sherlock squirm.

He took his time, pressing deep until Sherlock whined. With an obscenely loud slurp he withdrew his tongue, turning his head to give him a nip on the tender bit of flesh where his right buttock met thigh.

“You’re so pretty like this,” he mumbled, swiping at his jaw to get rid of some of the saliva. Tang and musk coated his lips and he smacked them loudly.

Sherlock wiggled, drawing his knees up further in open invitation, and John laughed. He gave that arse a good slap and admired the way the flesh jiggled, stopping only when he spread his palm across it and squeezed.

“You’ll get yours, be patient. I have this theory that you can come just from me eating you out and I’m going to prove it. We’re far from done, babe.”


Random_Nexus said:

OMG! Yay!  \o/  Thanks oodles for the yummy smuttery!  *ebil grins and giggles*

Greg seductively mouths the icing off the umbrella while Mycroft licks a path all around the top of the donut with the tip of his tongue, getting just a little bit of it on his upper lip. I mean. Ahem. I may also need a moment.

*melts into puddle of aroused goo, steaming gently around the edges*

You, I like you.  Yes.  Yes, please!

Take your time…




Greg’s orgasm followed soon after, his fluids mixing with Sherlock’s on Sherlock’s taut stomach.

Only moments later,John was sitting up, hungry eyes raking over the sight Sherlock and Greg made, wiping his mouth clear of spit with one hand before bringing the other to his lips, meeting Greg’s eye as he cleaned his fingers of Greg’s spunk. John moaned, his eyes closing as he licked every molecule of Greg’s scent from his fingers. “That was… Delicious.” He licked his lips slowly as he let his hand pull away, eyes fluttering open again. His gaze rested on Sherlock’s spunk covered stomach, pupils blown with desire. “I don’t know if I want to lick it all up, or add to it.”

Sherlock gave half a laugh, breathless and gasping for air. “My vote is for adding to it. I don’t think I could stand the feel of your tongue on me again so soon.”

John grinned, a teasing smirk in the upturned corners of his lips. “And my cock rubbing against your stomach, hard and hot and slick with your own cum wouldn’t be too much?”

Sherlock shook his head half-heartedly. “Of course not. Your cock doesn’t have the habit of sneaking under my foreskin after I’ve just orgasmed.”

Greg couldn’t stop his own laughter at that, leaning forward to give John a kiss. “He makes a good point about that. Your tongue has a wicked way of showing its appreciation.”



C’mon, Sherlock, you know you want John to rub one off on you… *eyes glaze over, mind utterly gone to feeelthy places*

I’m sorry, what were we talking about?


On tumblr we don’t say “I love you”. We say, “hey I made you some porn” which means “I’m thinking of you deep in my heart and though I long to give you a hug and make you cookies you live too damn far away for me to comfort you conventionally”, which I think is beautiful

It’s true, I know I’m loved when there’s smut in my askbox/submit. *nodnod*

(Also, if I write you smut, that’s like a big squishy hug and a smooch on the cheek.  With cookies, yeah.)

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GF: He leaned back, hands braced on John's thighs for leverage as he moved. Each downward thrust sent John's cock right against his prostate, and he couldn't help but to squeeze down on that thick member in response. He'd grip John's thighs harder to steady himself, and John would grip his thighs harder in return, which only urged Greg into a faster rhythm. "Fucking hell. Christ. I could ride you for ages. You have such a cock. So responsive. Fuck."

I swear I’m not drooling. 

As far as you know…

They wrestled each other around, skin sliding and bodies tumbling to the floor. Each man strong on his own became fiery in contact with the other, demanding the pleasures of the flesh be slaked before they burnt like the fire of a sun. Sex noises were ridiculous unless you were part of the pair to become one, whimpers and growls, grunts and moans all becoming a little symphony, a duet that became their own.

Ooooh, another Anon with oblique smuttery for me!  Amazing how it’s wonderfully erotic without actually being explicit.  Woot!  \o/

Woohoo!  Thanks for the hotness delivered to my inbox!